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Boat Shipping Inside Ocean Container 

Container is the most popular and very affordable way to ship boats. We containerize boats up to 28ft (8.53m) long, and 8.6ft (2.62m) beam (wide) into a 40’ HC ocean container. This method allows our customers to save, on average, 30%-40% of shipping costs compared to Ro-Ro (Roll-On, Roll-Off) and Lo-Lo (Lift-On, Lift-Off) methods.

Shipping Preparation:

  • Fuel, oil, water are drained.
  • T-tops, bimini tops, windshields and batteries are removed and carefully stowed.
  • Then our technicians fabricate custom-designed frames for every boat.  We place your boat inside a container at precise angles, according to your boat’s specifications. These custom designed frames provided fixed and stable stowage within the container and prevents damage during transportation.
  • Using these custom-designed frames makes it easy to unload boats from the ocean containers at the port of destination. 
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